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MyGFC Membership Program Agreement
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MyGFC Members receive access to all regular film screenings in our program for $14.95/month. MyGFC Members also receive invitations to members-only events and advanced screenings, special pricing in the Center’s food and beverage concepts and Shop the Film Center, and a complimentary member popcorn when visiting. New to the program is the option to purchase up to three additional tickets per visit for friends & family at a discount. This $14.95 rate is an introductory offer and will be $19.95/month after the introductory period is over.


MyGFC Members might choose to upgrade their membership with the following features, which will be an additional charge per month noted below:

  • Online advanced tickets — an additional $15/month per member
  • Seasonal mystery box (with our program guide) mailed four times per year — an additional $10/month per member 
  • Donation — an optional range of $1 to $1000 per month to directly support the Film Center

Watching movies together?

Let us know, and we'll bundle your memberships at no additional charge.

Please Note

Most screenings at the Film Center will be included with your myGFC membership. Some screenings are exempt. Pricing for screenings that are exempt from myGFC member pricing will vary based on contractual obligations. Presentations on film (35mm and 70mm) and in 3D are available to members for $5. These must be purchased at the Film Center.

Basic Guidelines

  • Your membership is for you. It cannot be shared.
  • You must have your membership card and photo identification present when you arrive.
  • Only reserve tickets for screenings you will attend.
  • If you are unable to attend a screening you have reserved tickets to, you must email us at to ask us to release your seats. Failure to do so may result in the loss of membership privileges.
  • Your ticket is held until 30 minutes before the screening, then this will be released.
  • Members’ friends and family discount tickets are limited to three per visit. These can only be purchased in person at the Center.
  • MyGFC members may cancel their membership at any time by visiting their member profile in Wild Apricot.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines, or abuse of this program, may result in your removal from the membership program.

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